PhD Stuff

I am excited to be a PhD student at the University of Alberta in the Dept. of Education Policy Studies. I have completed classes and working to meeting requirements for candidacy in the Fall of 2022. I will work to complete my research and write my dissertation within two year after that and with luck, be granted the degree. Here is a list of some recent presentations, published articles, and some samples of my work completed to date in the classes in pursuit of the question, “How do educational leaders deal with uncertainty?”

Presentations and Publications


Borthistle, G. (2022, May 16-20) Uncertainty and the Unachievable Ideal [Conference Presentation]. Canadian Sociological Association (CSA/SCS):  2022 Annual Conference – Igniting Change Through Sociology.

Borthistle, G. & Essiomle, K. (2022, April 30) The Statistical Literacy of Canadian School Administrators [Conference Presentation].  University of Alberta, Graduate Student Showcase.

Borthistle, G. (2022, March 4) Uncertainty and the Unachievable Ideal:  Educational Decision Making During the COVID-19 Pandemic. 23rd Annual Graduate Student Research Symposium, University of Manitoba.

Borthistle, G. (2022, February 22) Let’s Talk about Building Cultural Competence: It’s for Everyone [Conference Presentation].  Making the Most of Teaching & Learning:  18th Annual Teaching Practices Colloquium, Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops, BC.

Borthistle, G. (February 2022) Uncertainty: the Old Man and a Horse [Competition Presentation]. 3Minute Thesis Competition, University of Alberta.

Borthistle, G. (2019)  Ignite Inquiry Week: Implementing a School Wide Inquiry Project at Shenzhen International Academy [Conference Presentation].  BC Offshore Administrators Annual Conference, Shanghai, China. 

Hunter, D.; Borthistle, G.; & Essiomle, K. (2022, April 10-12) The statistical literacy of Canadian school administrators: National SSHRC study results [Conference Session].  uLead 2022 – The Summit of Educational Leadership,  Banff, AB.

Hunter, D.;ElAtia, S., Borthistle, G.; & Essiomle, K. (2022, March 16-18).  The statistical literacy of Canadian school administrators:  National SSHRC study results. College of Alberta School Superintendents (CASS) 56th CASS Annual Learning Conference, Edmonton, AB.


Hunter, D., ElAtia, S., Essiomle, K., & Borthistle, G. (2022). Canadian school administrators’ statistical reasoning about probability, effect, and representativeness: Statistical literacy of canadian school administrators’. Alberta Academic Review, 5(1), 6–6.

Hunter, D., ElAtia, S., Essiomle, K., & Borthistle, G. (Pending).  Beyond the numbers: The statistical literacy of Canadian school administrators. Publisher Pending.

Hunter, D., Smith, L., Borthistle, G., & Lorenz, D. E. (Pending). A Canadian case book for law and ethics in teaching (2nd. ed.) X Pages. To be submitted to Publisher

Class Presentations:

This class presentation on Uncertainty and Decision Making discusses approaches to decision making in education, different types of uncertainty, and an approach to addressing uncertainty called sensemaking. You’ll also get a little tour of the U of A campus on a sunny early spring day.
This class presentation overviews case study methodology as a method of organizing a research project. This was filmed in my “office” which as you can see also doubles as our guest room. You gotta use what you got!

Papers Written:

Lessons Taught: EDPS 410 – Ethics and Law in Teaching