PhD Stuff

I am excited to be a PhD student at the University of Alberta in the Dept. of Education Policy Studies. I will complete classes in the Fall of 2021, plan to apply for candidacy status in the Winter of 2022, and complete my research a year or two after that and with luck, be granted the degree. Here are some samples of my work completed to date in the classes I have taken so far in pursuit of the question, “How do educational leaders deal with uncertainty?”

Class Presentations:

This class presentation on Uncertainty and Decision Making discusses approaches to decision making in education, different types of uncertainty, and an approach to addressing uncertainty called sensemaking. You’ll also get a little tour of the U of A campus on a sunny early spring day.
This class presentation overviews case study methodology as a method of organizing a research project. This was filmed in my “office” which as you can see also doubles as our guest room. You gotta use what you got!

Papers Written:

Lessons Taught: EDPS 410 – Ethics and Law in Teaching