Novelty: Moving Past Creative Complacency

We all experience creative complacency. The issue, how will we respond to get out of it.

“The research and studies show that we are struggling, especially in the current context and times, in creating environments that spawn more openness to experience and self-expansion in an effort to not only increase engagement, but to move us out of our creative complacency.” D. Culberhouse.

“The Biggest Storm on the Planet”

Mangkhut makes landfall in China.

Experiencing a natural event like a Super-typhoon is a reminder that the power of creation is truly awe-inspiring and beyond anything that man can aspire to control. Called the “biggest storm on the planet this year” Mangkhut was an experience I won’t soon forget.  Learning what can and can’t be controlled in life is called “humility” as we discover that not all circumstances can be controlled and sometimes you just have to watch “the storm” unfold and wait for it to finish.

Here are some video clips of the rain, wind, and flooding and pictures below from the aftermath. Best thoughts are with those whose lives were lost or impacted by this storm or in the Carolinas dealings with Florence’s aftermath.