Becoming a Global Leader

Students at Maple Leaf International Academy – Shenzhen recently had an amazing opportunity to meet a world leader to discuss important global issues.  Here is our story about this wonderful event.  Thanks to the people at Project Agora for inviting us! 枫叶高中 | Becoming a Global Leader 成为全球领导者 深圳市伊思顿龙岗书院 1周前 Last Saturday, Grade 10 studentsContinue reading “Becoming a Global Leader”

Droppin’ in on Science

Face it, everyone loves dropping things off of buildings.  Students in Science 10 at Maple Leaf International Academy of Shenzhen recently had a chance to just that as part of a learning activity about gravity.  Here’s a story about this memorable assignment.   Dropping in on Science10——记深圳枫叶10年级科学实验 深圳市伊思顿龙岗书院 2018-12-21 Science 10 students use their knowledgeContinue reading “Droppin’ in on Science”

Generating Ideas on Maker Day

Publisher’s Notes (me):   I am keeping the Mandarin translation included in this post in case there are any Chinese followers.  Plus, it reminds everyone that we are currently living and working in China! For you We Chat users this story was orignally published on We Chat.  Check out this link to see the originalContinue reading “Generating Ideas on Maker Day”

What is your Learning Target?

Update: Here is a link to a story written by the students who participated in our first competency “strength building”activity. We all know people whom we consider as being competent. When I have had encountered a problem that needs to be solved, and it feels beyond my own level of competency to resolve (whichContinue reading “What is your Learning Target?”

Building Dreams in Shenzhen

Note: I originally gave this speech at the graduation ceremony this past June and repeated it to welcome the new Grade 10 students to Maple Leaf International Academy this month.   The Dream Everyone has a dream.  The most famous speech in the history of the world was even called, “I have a dream!”  Graduation ceremoniesContinue reading “Building Dreams in Shenzhen”

An Education That Fits

In his book,  The End of Average, Harvard professor Todd Rose tells the story of a problem the US Air Force had in the early 50’s. They were losing pilots due to accidents at an alarming rate. After researching many possibilities for the abnormal accident rate, they discovered one factor common to all planes: the designContinue reading “An Education That Fits”