Now Go & Find Your Success!

Message to the Class of 2020: You have had an unforgettable, historical and some might say, success-defying graduation year.  Through circumstances way beyond your control, you were thrust into the wild world of online learning, social distancing, mask wearing, having very few live teachers, no May holiday, and many other disruptive forces conspiring against yourContinue reading “Now Go & Find Your Success!”

A Quarantine in Shanghai

Note:  this was written to reflect my quarantine experience from March 11-24, 2020.  Since this time, of course, the world situation with the virus has become much more serious and my thoughts are with all the people and their family members affected by the virus itself.  We also owe all of our heroic health workersContinue reading “A Quarantine in Shanghai”

A Return to China

A personal blog about my return to China in March 2020 Travel day: Monday, March 9th On a clear and sunny March Vancouver morning I arrived to a sparsely occupied International terminal at YVR. There was a noticeable difference between the USA departures section and the International area with the usual traffic and bustle presentContinue reading “A Return to China”

Our visit to Tedx in Hong Kong

深圳枫叶高中学生参加在香港举办的Tedx演讲 深圳市枫叶学校 6/2 在上个周末,深圳枫叶学校在Mr. Marshall的帮助下,为学生组织了一场香港旅行,十二个学生由三名老师(Mr.Borthistle, Ms.Borthistle, and Mr.Opaleye)带队共同度过了一个忙碌的周末。 Last weekend, with the help of Mr. Marshall, Shenzhen Maple Leaf school organized a trip to Hong Kong for students. Twelve students had a busy weekend together led by three teachers : Mr.Borthistle, Mrs.Borthistle, and Mr.Opaleye. 九点从学校出发,在一个小时的车程后队伍到达了通行关口,同学在Mrs.Borthistle的带领下来到了香港,Mr. Marshall顺利接到了学生们。因为时间问题,在将近两个小时的地铁之后同学们直接到达了Tedx Talk的演讲现场。 We started from the school at 9 o ‘clock, andContinue reading “Our visit to Tedx in Hong Kong”

Our Young Scholars

枫叶学子征战世界学者杯 Maple Leaf Scholar’s Win Medals at Scholar’s Cup! 深圳市枫叶学校 5/20 △点击上方图片了解更多枫叶奖学金详情 世界学者杯是一项年度全球竞赛,旨在为来自世界各地的顶尖年轻学者带来智力挑战,并让他们在这一过程中获得乐趣。上周末,我校BC高中的三位学生代表我们学校参加了深圳区域赛。学者杯不仅挑战参赛者的知识水平,还促进学生思考和帮助他们识别学习方式,旨在促进多学科学习、建立协作和团队合作,并帮助学生看到学习的“大局”。学者杯竞赛全程使用英语,是学生学习和提高英语技能的一个好机会。我们非常高兴我校学生在4个不同的赛事中赢得了总共九枚奖牌 – 三个团体奖牌和六个个人奖牌,他们同时还获得了在今年夏天举行的全球赛参赛资格! The World Scholar’s Cup is an annual global competition which is designed to intellectually challenge top young scholar’s from around the world and also to have some fun along the way.  This past weekend, the Shenzhen Regional round was held with threeContinue reading “Our Young Scholars”

Developing Global Awareness

深圳枫叶高中学生访问加拿大大使馆 An Official Consulate Visit 深圳市枫叶学校 4/23 对于深圳市枫叶学校的高中学生来说,今天是一个特殊的日子。在完成本学期的第3期测评后,学生们迫切的需要一个外出放松的机会,于是我们安排了这次的加拿大领事馆访问之旅。经过两个小时的短途旅行,我们来到了位于广州天河区的新加拿大领事馆。学生们受到领事馆工作人员的热烈欢迎,他们参观了领事馆在26楼的办公厅,领事馆工作人员还给他们准备了小吃和点心。 Today was a special day for the High School students at Maple Leaf International Academy – Shenzhen. After finishing our Term 3 assessment week, a much-needed day outside of the school was scheduled to visit nearby Guangzhou and pay a formal visit to the Consulate of Canada locatedContinue reading “Developing Global Awareness”

Valuing Diversity at a Seniors Centre

老吾老以及人之老 深圳市枫叶学校 4/8 踏着午后温暖的日光,深圳市枫叶学校的高中同学在加方校长Mr.Borthistle和领事连老师的陪同下,一起前往福利中心看望老人,孩子们也为老人们精心准备了节目。 In the warm afternoon sunshine, the high school students of Maple Leaf International Academy-Shenzhen, accompanied by Mr. Borthistle and Ms. Lian, went to the Shenzhen welfare center to visit the elders. The students had several shows prepared for the elders. 在表演开始之前,志愿者为孩子们大概地介绍了老人们的生活,从志愿者口中,孩子们了解了一些爷爷奶奶的习惯和爱好。在老人们午休结束后,孩子们跑去电梯口迎接爷爷奶奶们,一路上都有说有笑的,老人们都十分亲切。孩子们非常细心,搀扶着老人,按照老人的节奏慢慢走;在扶老人坐下之前,还要检查一下椅子是不是牢靠。 Before the performance, the volunteers gave students a general introduction about the seniorContinue reading “Valuing Diversity at a Seniors Centre”

Science Fair 2018

枫叶高中 | Science Fair 科学展 深圳市枫叶学校 1/5 Have you ever wondered how sunlight affects a potato or what factors influence buoyancy? Have you ever poured tea on your houseplants and wondered if it was good for them?  Have you ever watched someone prune a tree and wondered if it helps the tree grow?  The Science 10Continue reading “Science Fair 2018”