Valuing Diversity at a Seniors Centre


深圳市枫叶学校 4/8


In the warm afternoon sunshine, the high school students of Maple Leaf International Academy-Shenzhen, accompanied by Mr. Borthistle and Ms. Lian, went to the Shenzhen welfare center to visit the elders. The students had several shows prepared for the elders.


Before the performance, the volunteers gave students a general introduction about the senior citizen’s lives. Students learned about some habits and hobbies of theses grandparents. After the senior citizen’s lunch break, the students ran to the elevator to meet the elders. We talked and laughed while walking with them, and the seniors were all very kind in return.


After most of the senior citizens took their seats, the students performed some small performances for these grandmothers and grandfathers. The song “The Moon Represents My Heart” was part of a collection of English songs. There was also a dance called “Pink Memories,” followed by a Taichi performance and the Chinese pride sword dance.


Of course, not only the students, but also the senior citizens had made careful preparations for today. The songs “Embroidering the Purse” and “At the Top of the Dongshan Mountain” showed the spirits of the grandparents. The melting voice brought great shock to the children born after 2000, telling the story of that era.


Finally, in applause, the event ended perfectly. The students took pictures with the elders and volunteers.


This community service activity created a lot of feelings. In the future,  Maple Leaf International Academy – Shenzhen will continue to provide more volunteer services to cultivate a stronger sense of social responsibility for helping those in need. We will look forward to more activities like this in the future of Maple Leaf International Academy – Shenzhen. 

高中小记者: 王安涵  邓斯元 郑雯文

Reporters from senior high school :  Ann   Daisy  Jenny


April 6, 2019

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