Science Fair 2018

枫叶高中 | Science Fair 科学展

Have you ever wondered how sunlight affects a potato or what factors influence buoyancy? Have you ever poured tea on your houseplants and wondered if it was good for them?  Have you ever watched someone prune a tree and wondered if it helps the tree grow?  The Science 10 students were curious about these questions and set out to find the answers.  The students researched background information, formed their hypotheses and designed experiments. Then the students conducted their experiments, compiled their data and formed their conclusions. On December 28, the scientists presented their findings at the 1st Annual MLIA -Shenzhen Science Fair.

你有没有想过阳光会对土豆产生哪些影响?或者有哪些因素会影响浮力?你有没有用茶水浇灌过家里的植物,并且想知道这样做是否对植物有益?你有没有在看到人们修剪树木的时候猜想着这样是否有助于树木生长?科学课10年级的学生也对这些问题感到好奇,并着手寻找答案。学生们搜集背景信息,形成假设并设计实验,然后按照设计完成了各自的实验,并通过整理实验数据得出了相应的结论。 12月28日,我们的 “小科学家们” 在第一届深圳枫叶科学展会上展示了他们的实验成果。

The purpose of the Science Fair is to give students a chance to learn about and apply the Scientific Method to a problem or issue of their own choosing.  Science Fairs occur in all the Maple Leaf Schools and are a key part of demonstrating that students know how to apply their classroom learning to real world problems.  Another benefit of the Science Fair is that it provides an opportunity for interaction between the older and younger students in the school.  At Maple Leaf Academy, we want to build a strong pathway for students to move from elementary to middle school and on to high school. Showing younger students what older students are learning adds to their knowledge of science and helps create strong connections between our younger and older students. 


Students in Grades 5-9 were brought by their teachers to participate in the Science Fair and hear an explanation of each experiment. The Grade 10 students explained how they followed the Scientific Method of asking a question, conducting research, forming a hypothesis, designing an experiment, gathering data, and forming a conclusion.  All the experiments were original designs by the students who worked together in group of four. The groups prepared a visual presentation of what they had learned and planned how they would share their findings with the younger students. 

5 –  9年级的学生也由老师带队前来参加展览并听取每个实验的说明。10年级学生解释了他们如何遵循科学方法提出问题,进行研究,形成假设,设计实验,收集数据和得出结论。所有的实验都是由学生四人一组进行的原创设计。这些小组用直观的方式对他们的所学到的知识进行了视觉呈现,并策划了如何与低年级的学生分享他们的科学发现。

Kryon, Steven, Louie and Monica discovered that potatoes left in the sunlight sprout faster and have a higher starch content than potatoes stored in shade.  So, if you want to grow potatoes, leave them in the sun, but if you plan to eat the potatoes, store them away from sunlight. The group also provided tips for food safety.


Daisy, Kyle, Eric and Erru learned that plants need their leaves to aid in photosynthesis. Even though trees fare better with regular pruning, their houseplants needed all their leaves to remain healthy.


Harmony, Jack, Andy and Sherlock learned that the density of a fluid affects the force of buoyancy exerted by that fluid. Since salt water is denser than fresh water, it is more buoyant than fresh water. 


Yannie, Tiffany, Ann and Jenny experimented with watering plants in three ways: with plain water, with freshly-brewed tea, and with fermented tea. They found that their plants watered with fermented tea grew better than the plants watered with fresh water and the plants watered with freshly-brewed tea were stunted.  After further research, they learned that irrigation with fermented tea is best for plants which prefer acidic soil.


At the end of the fair, the students were a little tired of explaining their experiments so many times, but also were proud of the work they had done and what they had learned during the planning and preparation leading up to the fair. Top Prize for the 1st Annual Fair went to Daisy, Eric, Erru and Kyle for their experiment on pruning plants and the effect on plant growth.  A close second was the unique experiment called the “Potato King” and its story-telling approach by Kryon, Monica, Louie and Stephen. Well done everyone and a special congratulations to the two Science teachers, Mrs. Broskus and Mr. Lam for their instruction, guidance and support of the Academy students in the 1st Shenzhen Science Fair!

在展会结束时,学生们因多次重复介绍他们的实验项目而略显疲倦,但同时他们也为自己所做的工作以及在规划和筹备期间所学到的知识感到自豪。第一届深圳枫叶年度科学展的第一名获得者是邓斯元,高骏驰,刘家豪和王亦如,他们的实验项目是修剪枝叶对植物生长的影响。紧随其后的是名为“马铃薯之王”的独特实验,唐健,解晨泽,骆奕舟和莫若慈对该实验的讲述方式也获得一致认可。 同学们都完成的非常好!在此特别祝贺两位科学老师 — Broskus老师和Lam老师,感谢他们在科学展上对学生的指导和支持!

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