Our visit to Tedx in Hong Kong


深圳市枫叶学校 6/2

在上个周末,深圳枫叶学校在Mr. Marshall的帮助下,为学生组织了一场香港旅行,十二个学生由三名老师(Mr.Borthistle, Ms.Borthistle, and Mr.Opaleye)带队共同度过了一个忙碌的周末。

Last weekend, with the help of Mr. Marshall, Shenzhen Maple Leaf school organized a trip to Hong Kong for students. Twelve students had a busy weekend together led by three teachers : Mr.Borthistle, Mrs.Borthistle, and Mr.Opaleye.

九点从学校出发,在一个小时的车程后队伍到达了通行关口,同学在Mrs.Borthistle的带领下来到了香港,Mr. Marshall顺利接到了学生们。因为时间问题,在将近两个小时的地铁之后同学们直接到达了Tedx Talk的演讲现场。

We started from the school at 9 o ‘clock, and after an hour’s drive, the team reached the border check point. After the students arrived in Hong Kong under the guidance of Mrs.Borthistle, Mr. Marshall successfully received the students. Because of the time delay, students directly arrived at the Tedx Talk after nearly two hours of riding on the subway!

此次Tedx Talk的主题是Looking Forward,演讲期间,有很多精彩的故事:怎样坚持自己的喜欢 — 纹身师分享,怎样永不言弃 — 运动员分享。同时还有引人深思的哲理:时代在发展,观念在更新,我们要不断地向前看,一切皆有可能;Yes,No,Maybe,人生总是面临这样的选择,没有简单的解决方案;生活总是让你在大众和小众观点中做出选择,这在许多时候要求我们学会批判性思考。

The theme of the Tedx Talk was Looking Forward, during which there were many wonderful stories: How to stick to your favorite passion from a professional Tattoo artist, how never to give up by a Special Olympics athlete. At the same time, there were also a thought-provoking idea: the times are developing, common ideas are changing, we must be constantly looking forward, and everything is possible. There are no easy solutions and there are different answers like Yes, No, and Maybe.  Life always presents choices between popular and less popular choices, with many options which require us to learn to think critically.

会议结束后,Mr. Marshall为学生们准备了一个特别的晚餐,请到了一些非常有智慧的人为学生们解答一些人生或是大学上遇到的一些困难。这个讨论会很成功,许多同学都了解了更多他们感兴趣或是不知道的东西,一些同学的问题也得到了解答。

After the meeting, Mr. Marshall prepared a special dinner for the students, inviting some very intelligent people to answer some questions about their life or problems in college. The seminar was very successful. Many students learned more about what they were interested in or didn’t know. Some students’ questions were answered.


After dinner, some students chose to stay the night in Hong Kong, while others went back to Shenzhen. After a short free break on Sunday morning, the six students who stayed in Hong Kong attended a Maple Leaf Information session in the afternoon. The students helped with greeting the visitors, meeting the students and talked with parents about their life at the school. 


At dusk, the students returned to Shenzhen. We believe this trip to Hong Kong has opened a new door of a new world for students, and which has created many special memories.

文稿:高中小记者王安涵 郑雯文

This story was written by reporters from the senior high school :Ann and Jenny

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